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Think Spring

I have been missing in action for so long.  The company I was working for was sold to another and moved out of state leaving me without a job.  I was able to go back to work at a veterinary hospital I had worked at before and I decided that I would put my nose to the grindstone and finish up my Associate degree in Health Information Technology that I had started working on in 2005.   The work and school combo did not work well for my garden so it suffered greatly last year.  But I started a new job which I am loving  in June, graduated in August and am ready to begin a gain in the yard. At least I will be once I pass my RHIT certification exam in the next month or so. 

The dreaming has already begun with the arrival of garden catelogs in the mail over the past few weeks.   I’ve glanced through them, but having been spending time studying so will look through them again.  Turning on the computer and seeing my little weather bug thing say it is minus 8 (!) outside really has me wishing for Spring though.  At least I can dream.


Green Thumb Sunday

Green Thumb Sunday


I got a chance to go out and take some pictures of what is currently in bloom-

butterfly weed Butterfly weed

hydrangea  My hydrangea finally bloomed because I didn’t cut it back.  It is loaded with blooms. 

joe pye weed  Joe Pye Weed not quite in bloom yet

croscomia  Croscomia- not a great picture.  This was from a cheap bag of summer blooming bulbs I bought at Big Lots.  It didn’t bloom the first year and I actually thought it was a Bearded iris.  The second year though it began to shine.  It has red flowers that the hummingbirds love.  Surprisely, it survives through the winter even though it is suppose to only be winter-hardy to zone 5 and I live in zone 6.  It must be in a little bit warmer spot.

Green Thumb Sunday


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Everything is beginning to green up and start blooming.  Along with the grape hyacinths and daffodils,  The hyacinths, periwinkle and Dutchman’s breeches are blooming.  Next in line to bloom looks like the creeping phlox, bleeding hearts and soon the lilacs!  Yeah, Spring is here!!

I did a few things outside today- pooper scooped the yard (something I look, oh, so forward too),  a little weeding (I have a hate/hate relationship with Creeping Charlie, but I will prevail! I hope.) and trimmed my butterfly bush that is along one side of my house.  I don’t like to take the butterfly bushes back before winter because I have lost one to cold, so I wait until the spring.  I am hoping this one flowers this year.  I planted it 2 years ago and it hasn’t bloomed yet.

I also put together an arch for my clematis.  The one that was there rusted and collapsed over the winter.  I want to build something more permanent, hopefully something with benches to sit on, but that will be awhile, so the arch I used was a cheap one I bought at Big Lots a few years ago.  Hopefully it will last 2 years like the last one and then I will be ready for my dream arbor.

It was nice to get out and get some things done.  I have a very short attention span when it comes to gardening so my goal for the summer is to get outside and do something for at least 15 minutes 5 days a week.   This way I can accomplish something instead of giving up by July and letting the weeds take over.  We’ll see how I do!