Getting a Jump on Yardwork

Burning Bush

We’ve been blessed with some early nice weather here in PA, so I’ve been taking advantage of it by pruning some shrubs that really needed it.  I really took a few of them back too.  Starting with the Burning Bush taking off a good 2-3 feet.

3 of the holly bushes

Then following with the 4 holly bushes.  Two of them just got a nice trim, but the other two gotten taken back pretty far.

1 holly bush along the back fence

The brush pile- it's taller than it looks

This left me with a nice brush pile taller than me which I will have to spend a few weekends  stacking and tying bundles of branches together for yard pick-up in the middle of April.  That’ll be more work than the pruning was.  At least it is done and I’ll only have to deal with my forsythia and lilacs when they are done blooming.


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