Green Thumb Sunday

Green Thumb Sunday


I got a chance to go out and take some pictures of what is currently in bloom-

butterfly weed Butterfly weed

hydrangea  My hydrangea finally bloomed because I didn’t cut it back.  It is loaded with blooms. 

joe pye weed  Joe Pye Weed not quite in bloom yet

croscomia  Croscomia- not a great picture.  This was from a cheap bag of summer blooming bulbs I bought at Big Lots.  It didn’t bloom the first year and I actually thought it was a Bearded iris.  The second year though it began to shine.  It has red flowers that the hummingbirds love.  Surprisely, it survives through the winter even though it is suppose to only be winter-hardy to zone 5 and I live in zone 6.  It must be in a little bit warmer spot.


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  1. oh, I have some of that crocosima, too, it is a bit different and fun, I think.


  2. Posted by Dawn on August 2, 2007 at 5:09 pm

    I agree! I love how it looks before the flowers open. My neighbor has been wanting some but I can’t bring myself to divide it.


  3. I love the crocosmia too. It would definitely not be winter harder hear but what a looker.


  4. We have crocosmia here in Northern California and it goes crazy. I have to dig it up every year because it is so invasive. But I still love it.


  5. Lovely photo’s…Your Hydrangea looks BEAUTIFUL!!! ~I wish I could get mine to bloom like that!! Lovely site!!


  6. Pink butterfly weed! I’ve got the regular orange and some yellow. If you’re in zone 6, that’s warmer than zone 5, so the crocosmia should do just fine for you! I’m in zone 5 and mine made it through the winter here and I was kind of anxious about it. It seemed to be slow to start coming up in the spring.


  7. Those are beautiful plants and beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing! (Visiting for GTS)


  8. Lovely photos, it´s not possible to grow crocosmia here in Nothern Germany, the winters are too hard and so it is hard to believe these pretty plants can become invasive in other parts of the world.


  9. Your flowers are looking lovely!


  10. Your butterfly photo looks half-butterfly, half-flower. Can you see it?


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