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Green Thumb Sunday

Green Thumb Sunday


Things are growing faster than I can keep up!  We have had some good rain storms over the past 2 weeks which is great for the plants, not great for the battle of Me vs the weeds.  We had a real wicked thunderstorm last night which turned the peony blooms to mush.  

Here are some of the plants that are blooming this week-

miniature goats beard 

This is my Miniature Goat’s Beard.  I love the feathery flowers and it looks great against my Sum and Substance hosta.

white clematis

My white clematis has just started to bloom.  My purple one shouldn’t be far behind.

foxglove and butterfly bush

This is one of my foxglove with a sprig of my yellow butterfly bush.  It doesn’t look yellow to you either, does it? I bought it 2 years ago and this is the first year it has bloomed.  I was really looking forward to the yellow blossoms and yellow isn’t even one of my favorite colors in the garden.  Oh, the fun of plant buying!