Green Thumb Sunday


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Everything is beginning to green up and start blooming.  Along with the grape hyacinths and daffodils,  The hyacinths, periwinkle and Dutchman’s breeches are blooming.  Next in line to bloom looks like the creeping phlox, bleeding hearts and soon the lilacs!  Yeah, Spring is here!!

I did a few things outside today- pooper scooped the yard (something I look, oh, so forward too),  a little weeding (I have a hate/hate relationship with Creeping Charlie, but I will prevail! I hope.) and trimmed my butterfly bush that is along one side of my house.  I don’t like to take the butterfly bushes back before winter because I have lost one to cold, so I wait until the spring.  I am hoping this one flowers this year.  I planted it 2 years ago and it hasn’t bloomed yet.

I also put together an arch for my clematis.  The one that was there rusted and collapsed over the winter.  I want to build something more permanent, hopefully something with benches to sit on, but that will be awhile, so the arch I used was a cheap one I bought at Big Lots a few years ago.  Hopefully it will last 2 years like the last one and then I will be ready for my dream arbor.

It was nice to get out and get some things done.  I have a very short attention span when it comes to gardening so my goal for the summer is to get outside and do something for at least 15 minutes 5 days a week.   This way I can accomplish something instead of giving up by July and letting the weeds take over.  We’ll see how I do!


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  1. Today is my first green thumb sunday.I hope I did it right….I need to learn a lot about plants, flowers and gardening.Your flower is a beautiful color.I live in a very hot climate and need to find plants that can take hot sun…. Baba


  2. Seems like poopie pickup is the only thing I actually accomplished outdoors this week. The grape hyacinth is lovely and such a pleasing color!

    Got my GTS up late, but it’s there!


  3. Lovely! Most of my spring bulbs are done for the year, but I’m already looking forward to next year.


  4. Oh no, you reminded me of picking-up poop. O.K. here’s my secret: sometimes when I’m planting and I see a present that my dogs left me, I think, I should get up and pick that thing up or I could just add a little bonus fertilizer to my flower bed. I’ll let you guess which one I do:)


  5. Hello! This is my first GTS participation, and I just wanted to introduce myself. I’ve seen several of the photos with this wonderful blue color. I just *love* it! WOW! How pretty! Thanks! 🙂


  6. I am Japanese. The same plant as your photograph is also in my garden. The plant in the United States is also popular in Japan. Please look at my garden.


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