The Nor’easter

Well, the Nor’easter came through last night and today and we made out pretty well.  A lot of rain but very little snow, at least in my neighborhood.  Some of my co-workers said they received a a couple inches at their homes.   Any snow that was on the ground when I left my house this morning was melted by the time I got home.  The winds were blowing real hard during the night, I was almost afraid to look out my window to see what it looked like outside.  Remarkably, there was hardly any damage.  I always worry that heavy wind will blow down one of my fences and I will have to chase my dogs through the neighborhood, but luckily, they were fine.  The only thing that happened was the pole that sits on the one side of the yard by the fence.  The person who used to own our house had worked for the phone company, so all the posts for our fence are from telephone poles.  This pole by the fence was a 20 foot telephone pole.  It’s only purpose we could see was to hold a light for my next door neighbor.  Unfortunately, the winds made it break off at the base and I found it laying in my yard.  Fortunately, it didn’t have any electric connected to it and it fill in my yard instead of on the fence.  I always pictured growing something like Trumpet Vine up, oh well! On to the next idea.


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