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To Cut Or Not To Cut

That is the question.  At least mine to you. 

My mom lives with me and she loves the flowers as much as I do.   The difference is she likes to cut them to admire them inside the house, while I prefer to admire them in the natural setting.  In fact, I cringe a little bit, when she comes in with a new batch, but I say nothing.  My plan is to add to the ones she likes to cut so I have something to admire.  How do you prefer your flowers- cut or in the garden?


Green Thumb Sunday


Gardeners, Plant and Nature lovers can join in every Sunday, visit As the Garden Grows for more information.

Everything is beginning to green up and start blooming.  Along with the grape hyacinths and daffodils,  The hyacinths, periwinkle and Dutchman’s breeches are blooming.  Next in line to bloom looks like the creeping phlox, bleeding hearts and soon the lilacs!  Yeah, Spring is here!!

I did a few things outside today- pooper scooped the yard (something I look, oh, so forward too),  a little weeding (I have a hate/hate relationship with Creeping Charlie, but I will prevail! I hope.) and trimmed my butterfly bush that is along one side of my house.  I don’t like to take the butterfly bushes back before winter because I have lost one to cold, so I wait until the spring.  I am hoping this one flowers this year.  I planted it 2 years ago and it hasn’t bloomed yet.

I also put together an arch for my clematis.  The one that was there rusted and collapsed over the winter.  I want to build something more permanent, hopefully something with benches to sit on, but that will be awhile, so the arch I used was a cheap one I bought at Big Lots a few years ago.  Hopefully it will last 2 years like the last one and then I will be ready for my dream arbor.

It was nice to get out and get some things done.  I have a very short attention span when it comes to gardening so my goal for the summer is to get outside and do something for at least 15 minutes 5 days a week.   This way I can accomplish something instead of giving up by July and letting the weeds take over.  We’ll see how I do!

In the garden, everyday is Earthday

As a gardener, I feel a special kinship with the earth.   There is nothing like feeling the warm dirt in your hands or seeing the first robin in the spring.  Because of the respect I have, I try to garden in a way that is good for the environment.

Some of the things I do-

  • I compost.  Any vegetables from the house,  weeds and prunings from the garden and the droppings and leftover hay from my rabbits.
  • I only water newly added plants.  I don’t have a sprinkler system going everyday.  When we do have a drought, I have a drip hose for my vegetable garden that I use once a week.
  • I let my grass turn brown.  I don’t need a green lawn to give me status in my neighborhood.  Besides, my neighbors already think I am nuts!
  • Eliminating lawn.  I do like having some grass because it gives me a place to play catch and chase with my dogs, but there are areas I am trying to eliminate.  My front lawn is not big and my plans are to eliminate the grass and expand my perennial garden and have the front art be Vinca.  I already have one side almost done.
  • Don’t use herbicides.  Sometimes this can be tough because it is so easy just to grab the sprayer and spray those big, annoying weeds, but especially after reading about herbicides causing bladder cancer in dogs, I have discontinued this.  I use newspaper and cardboard to smother weeds.
  • Attracting wildlife.  I try to add plants that attract different species of birds, butterflies and other wildlife.  Just like many other areas, this area is being built up and open land is disappearing.     The plants will help give the wildlife food and a home, plus I have benefits as well.  Not only do I get to see species I wouldn’t normally see, but often they eat insects and other pests that most people use chemicals to get rid of.

What do you do in the garden to help the environment?

Green Thumb Sunday


One of our favorite spring bulbs.   

Gardeners, Plant and Nature lovers can join in every Sunday, visit As the Garden Grows for more information.

Spring has sprung!

I think spring is finally here!!!

 Today has turned out to be a beautiful day and this weekend is suppose to be even better!  I took a stroll around my yard to see what was coming up and what I could do this weekend.  The hyacinths were beginning to bloom before the cold and smell heavenly.  I really need to plant more this fall.  The lilacs are starting to leaf out and the forsythia is beginning to bloom.  I love seeing everything coming up; it is part of what makes Spring my favorite season.

My plans for this weekend aren’t very grand.  I need to do some trimming, pooper scoop the yard and do something behind the garage.  The area behind the garage usually ends up turning into a mess each year.  It’s where my compost bin is, but there is so much area it gets very weedy.  Eventually, I would like to put a little brick patio in there, but for now I think I will lay down some cardboard to keep the weeds from growing.  I am sure I will find a lot more to do once I am outside, but this sounds like a good beginning.

What is a Nor’Easter?

We had this discussion at work one day.  Living in the northeast part of the US, we hear the term Nor’easter every year.  None of us knew exactly what it was, but it always seemed to indicate a bad storm.   Basically, a Nor’easter is a cyclonic storm with winds blowing from the northeast that often brings heavy precipitation in the form of snow, rain or freezing rain (we had all 3 today!).    According to, the pressure at the center of the storm last night was almost equal to that of a category 2 hurricane.   It was definitely loud!

I’ve heard that this is going to be a rainy year.  “sigh”  Is this the beginning?

The Nor’easter

Well, the Nor’easter came through last night and today and we made out pretty well.  A lot of rain but very little snow, at least in my neighborhood.  Some of my co-workers said they received a a couple inches at their homes.   Any snow that was on the ground when I left my house this morning was melted by the time I got home.  The winds were blowing real hard during the night, I was almost afraid to look out my window to see what it looked like outside.  Remarkably, there was hardly any damage.  I always worry that heavy wind will blow down one of my fences and I will have to chase my dogs through the neighborhood, but luckily, they were fine.  The only thing that happened was the pole that sits on the one side of the yard by the fence.  The person who used to own our house had worked for the phone company, so all the posts for our fence are from telephone poles.  This pole by the fence was a 20 foot telephone pole.  It’s only purpose we could see was to hold a light for my next door neighbor.  Unfortunately, the winds made it break off at the base and I found it laying in my yard.  Fortunately, it didn’t have any electric connected to it and it fill in my yard instead of on the fence.  I always pictured growing something like Trumpet Vine up, oh well! On to the next idea.